Industry responds to trend for DIY sunscreen

The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) has issued a warning about DIY sunscreens following a recent consumer trend towards formulating sun protection at home.

DIY sunscreen have been popular with organic and natural beauty enthusiasts, often using beeswax or coconut oil as a natural SPF, however industry experts have issued warnings against using such products, reminding consumers of the risks associated with sun damage.

A statement released by the CTPA said, “There are no short-cuts to making a sun protection product. Years of scientific research and testing goes into making each sunscreen and it takes whole teams of scientists to develop.”

Hermione Lawson, from the British Skin Foundation, said, “Sunscreens are rigorously tested to ensure they’re safe to use and deliver the stated SPF on the bottle. When it come to an issue as serious as protecting yourself from skin cancer, it is not worth the risk of using a product where there is no way of knowing the SPF you are getting.”