International Nail Championships winners announced

Top nail techs battled it out this Sunday, February 23, in the Interntional Nail Championships, as part of Professional Beauty London at ExCel. Some of the country’s most seasoned technicians showcased their skills in a full day of competition, in categories including Spa Manicure, Salon Nail and Pink and White Competition Style.  

Salon Nail
Winner: Karina Perematko

Pink & White Competition Style
Winner: Alexandra Mehesz 

Permanent Polish
Winner: Ekaterina Klucnikova 

One Stroke Nail Art
Winner: Mercedesz Kis

Spa Manicure
Winner: Hannah McAndrew

International Nail Art Master
Winner: Alexandra Mehesz 

Showcase Nail Art
Winner: Agnieszka Ceesay

International Nail Master
Winner: Alexandra Mehesz 

Photographic classic (Shopaholic theme)
Winner: Corrine Allen

The Warpaint make-up competition is to follow today, with make-up artists eagerly demonstrating their skills before the judges.