Irish Nail Championships 2012 – the results


The standard of work was higher than ever this year at the Irish Nail Championships, which took place at Professional Beauty Dublin on Sunday 30 September. Let’s take a look at the results.



First                  Katarzyna Pietrzok-Mazur            145

Second            Diana Bedunkeviciute                   132

Third                 Korakod Wilairak                            112


Salon Nail

First                    Tina Kangley                                    139

Second              Amy Hayes                                       138

Third                   Natalja Harkova                            122.5


Pink & White Competition Style

First                      Ekaterina Lutsenko                        183

Second                Amie Pike                                         167

Third                     Malgorzata Ollek                            165


Permanent Polish

First                       Korakod Wilairak                          151

Second                 Katarzyna Pietrzok-Mazur           146

Third                      Diana Bedunkeviciute                  145


Showcase Nail Art

First                       Caroline Cunningham                   116

Second                  Neringa Skirgailiene                     113

Third                       Joanna Figasinska                        112


Photographic Classic

First                         Joanna Figasinska                        99

Second                    Berenice Sullivan                         92

Third                         Caroline Cunningham                 81


Photographic Nail Art

First                          Tina Kangley                                   131

Second                    Anna Banko                                    118

Third                   Caroline Cunningham                        108


Irish Nail Championship

First                        Virag Halasz                                    244


Irish Nail Art Championship

First                        Ekaterina Lutsenko                        242


Manicurist of the Year

Katarzyna Pietrzok-Mazur             


Congratulations to all the winners!


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Next year the show will back at the RDS on 6 – 7 October 2013.


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