Klafs signs footballer Michael Ballack to front new campaign

Michael Ballack, former captain of the German national team, is to front a new advertising campaign for Klafs. 

This is the first time the sauna and spa company will promote a TV advertising campaign, which will be aired in autumn 2012 and the spring of 2013. 

The football star Ballack has experienced Klafs sauna facilities during his days in the German national squad. Together with Klafs he has developed the idea for the campaign, the core of which will be TV ads on NTV as well as special interest broadcasters in September 2012 and January 2013. 

The adverts will highlight the threefold effect of sauna visits with regard to relaxation, wellbeing and physical fitness. Alongside the TV adverts the concept for the campaign is being integrated into other advertising instruments in the online and print media. 

Over the summer, one of the highlights of the print media campaign is to award the “Ballack Training Session” as a competition prize allowing sports-mad children from across the country to learn football techniques from Ballack, as well as learn about healthy fitness.