LVL Enhance - Proven To Add Volume & Lift To Your Salon's Profits

The revolutionary lash treatment, loved by celebrities Pixie Lott and Michelle Keegan, adds length, volume & lift to natural eyelashes, leaving clients eyes looking wide awake and salons enjoying eye-popping profits as a result. 

Emily Boyd, salon owner at Pout in Leeds says: “Every single one of our LVL clients book in for repeat treatments, which is certainly impacting our profits. They love that it’s a low maintenance route to great lashes. Approximately 40% of our overall client base now has LVL”.

The LVL treatment, which retails between £49 and £79 -depending on location & client base -is the first non-invasive treatment, that enhances lashes without extensions. The exclusive LVL technique & formulation lifts and straightens lashes from the root and incorporates a colour boost for the appearance of longer, fuller lashes and an altogether more natural result.

It’s this trend for the natural look that’s filling salon appointment books. Pout Salon is now doing 15 treatments per week, and the demand has doubled since their therapists first trained in LVL2 years ago. Now four out of seven of Pout’s therapists are trained to offer the treatment as the demand from new and repeat customers continues to rise.

The figures stack up. Even when the treatment is offered at the lower end of the recommend retail price, LVL treatment packs can offer a profit margin of 400%, which means a salon can significantly increase its turnover as the LVL brand continues to grow. Aftercare LVL Lash Conditioning Serum offers ongoing retail benefits, where clients’ can nourish their lashes in between appointments for a superior result.

According to the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, the beauty market has grown by 120 per cent in the past three years and is set to continue growing. Last year alone, a record £1.3 billion was spent on beauty in Britain*, and the average women spends £2,153 every year on products & treatments**.

With LVL Enhance , salons can swiftly cash-in on this growth. Not only is it quicker for therapists to master, the treatment takes significantly less time to perform than extensions. What’s more, the LVL training course is completed in a single day, meaning a salon can quickly enjoy the commercial benefits of offering LVL Enhance by name as word continues to spread.

LVL training is available at locations across the UK, and includes the salon starter kit and point of sale kit with everything required to offer the LVL treatment immediately. There are also bonus discounts available to salons for additional therapists to become qualified to offer LVL, and salons can often enjoy exclusive promotional deals to train therapists and receive LVL starter packs.

Jo Cusworth, salon owner at The Beauty Works in Mirfield says: “Our LVL training paid for itself in three weeks. It’s allowed us to tap into a whole new lash market. The more mature end of my client base that would never consider lash extensions are definitely tuned into the natural look LVL offers and all clients love the instant youthful appearance it gives them.

“I’d recommend any salon to get involved with LVL. Once trained, you can more than quadruple your initial outlay on LVL treatment packs and shields - it’s a win-win situation for our clients and us”.

Julie Morris from Femme Fatale salon in Essex, which has been offering LVL to its customers since the treatment launched says “Many of our clients ask specifically for LVL, and the eye-catching point of sale and salon support materials Nouveau Lashes provides, coupled with the PR and social media hype around LVL, generates additional bookings. We would certainly recommend other salons to invest in training - it’s had such a great success rate for us.”

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