Lara Morgan announced as keynote speaker at the IMF Conference 2020

Lara Morgan is the co-founder of Scentered and British Entrepreneur behind companies; Global Amenities Direct, Yogi-Bare, KitBrix, Gate8 Luggage, Dryrobe and investment firm Fun-ctionality.

We are very pleased to have Morgan speak at the International Manufacturers & Distributors Forum on Monday 12 October. As the previous owner of brand licensing specialist Pacific Direct, Morgan knows the true value of branding in the hospitality sector.

In October 2019, California passed a law banning single-use amenities in all hotels with more than 5 rooms or more and by 2024 boutique hotels with less than 50 rooms. With the fight against single-use plastic on the rise, consumers are becoming the driving force behind the wave of change. Many are turning their backs and closing their wallets to companies, brands and services who do not see sustainability and CSR as the cornerstone to business values.

With this in mind, there is a global shift that suggests, instead of offering miniature shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles, hotel guests should be provided with wall-mounted refillable dispensers created from recycled and recyclable products, whilst still carrying the trusted brands that we all know and love.

Not only is the choice of larger dispenser bottles becoming a consideration, the whole industry is demanding more by way of more sustainable and longer lasting products that offer true value as well as surprising and delighting the end user.

As a hospitality business, you too are in a position to educate your customers, sharing ideas for recycling, reusing, repurposing and even upcycling, whilst also caring for the planet, which your guest is now expecting to be the norm.

The opportunity to provide alternative sustainable solutions and branded products needs to be felt across all touchpoints in the hotel, from the paper straws in the cocktail lounge to the humble shower cap replaced with hairband in the bathroom. Hear Morgan speak on a subject close to her heart and something that is at the centre of the work ethic of all of her companies.

Join Lara Morgan on Monday 12 October at Professional Beauty London to discover exactly how to harness the power of hospitality branding.