Leave the jet lag look at the airport

By Rachel Thompson, editorial intern 

Do your clients dread going on long-haul flights because of how it affects their skin? Just think how parched and dry our lips are after flying. This is happening to the whole body, only less visibly.

Tell them to fear not. Here are some top tips from the skincare experts for both you and your salon clients. They share their inflight regimes, which will help your clients prepare, revitalise and keep their skin looking fresh from departure to their final destination.


Travel light

The doors are sealed and that cold stream of air is pumped into the cabin as the plane rises through the clouds. However, Elemis’s director of treatment and development Noella Gabriel informs us that the skin gets very little oxygen during flight time as you are enclosed in an encapsulated environment without fresh air. The air is also recycled so does not get cleansed thoroughly. This immediately results in dehydration, sensitivity and tired, dull skin. Tell your clients that it is important to travel with well-cleansed skin; that means applying two layers of moisturiser and avoiding make-up, ladies! She advises that they carry a travel-size moisturiser to apply during the flight as well as hand luggage essentials including the Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask, the Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, the Lip Revive and Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.

cellHydrate on departure

“The airless cabin is one of the most challenging environments for the skin. Dry air with heat combined with long hours is an extremely ageing environment. You need to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate!” says Gabriel. 

“Good antioxidants are vital,” she adds. "Therapists could recommend Elemis’ Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules to their clients as they are great for a quick hydration boost." Ingredients include an antioxidant oil 1,700 times more powerful than any other cosmetic oil, says Gabriel. Some people also struggle to sleep on longer flights so the lavender in the Capsules will also help with this.


Facemask as you fly

Preparation is key, but let your clients know they can go one step further by using a facial mask while they fly. A gel eye mask can reduce puffiness, and is known to help decrease stress, and even relieve headaches. Advise them to get themselves comfy and apply a ready-made facial rejuvenating mask, and spend those long hours hydrating their skin while on board, meaning they’ll land looking well rested and fresh.




Stop the jet lag


You might not believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but they certainly reveal when you’re jetlagged! Eye drops in single-dose sachets are brilliant and take up no space in your luggage. Beauty PR Jenny Halpern said that she never travels without her Bare Minerals Foundation (SPF15). “No matter where I am and whatever the climate, I can rest assured my make-up has an SPF. On long-haul flights I always apply eye cream before I get on the plane to avoid dehydrated eyes and take a blanket, eye mask and socks. It’s important to try and get a good night’s sleep,” she says.


Energise on landing

Sarah Stacey, author of the Green Beauty Bible, opts for Liz Earle Super Balm. This emergency skin salve can be used for face, neck, chest, nails, hands, feet, and pretty much everywhere else, reducing the number of products your clients will need to fit in their bags. “I also love Marine Algae in sachets by Thalgo. These are for a bath when I land at either end of the journey. It detoxes after the flight and gives me my energy back.” For that post-flight energy, recommend the Elemis Skin Bliss Pink Absolute of Rose Capsules as they are a great pick me up on arrival, giving an instant boost before stepping off the plane.

Now fully armed with these expert travel beauty tips and products, you can help your clients survive that long-haul flight, and get off the plane looking refreshed and well rested.