Lifehouse Spa awarded cancer care certification

The UK’s Lifehouse Spa & Hotel has been certified to treat clients who are dealing with, or in remission from cancer. 

The certification was awarded by Wellness for Cancer; an organisation that trains and educates spas and wellness centres on caring for clients with a cancer diagnosis. 

The organisation partners with spa and wellness directory Spafinder Wellness and Lifehouse will now be added to Spafinder’s list of cancer aware spas and wellness centres. 

Sue Davis, resident naturopath at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel, said: “As a progressive spa we feel it’s important we offer our guests with cancer, or in recovery, the opportunity to experience therapeutic treatments the same as any other guest who visits Lifehouse.  

Human touch has a profound healing effect, which is why we are keen to remove the barriers commonly associated with treating people with cancer in the spa environment.” 

Lifehouse’s Recovery Treatments have been developed for clients dealing with a range of illnesses and conditions, including cancer, stress, burnout and bereavement. 

The therapists that administer the recovery treatments have been trained by the NHS Christie Trust, which specialises in cancer care, education and research. 

Treatments available include back massages, scalp massages, facials, Reiki and foot massages. The treatments are delivered using the Hearts – hands on, empathy, aromatherapy, textures and sound – technique, with each treatment adapted to the needs of the individual.  

Julie Bach, executive director of Wellness for Cancer, said: "We are excited that Lifehouse Spa & Hotel is committed to providing clients with the safe and effective services that will help them manage this chronic disease and lead healthier lives.”