Liverpool model sunbed ban sparks outrage

Liverpool’s Fashion Week has introduced a zero-tolerance rule for models that use sunbeds.

The event has ruled that a model must either have never used a sunbed or pledge to never use one in the future for them to take part.

The ruling follows a similar decision made by the organisers of London Fashion Week in February 2012.

The ban imposed by Liverpool Fashion Week follows a survey by Liverpool City Council earlier this year that suggested 50% of 15-17 year olds in Liverpool used sunbeds, compared with 11% nationally.

However, The Sunbed Association (TSA) has questioned these statistics, saying they had requested the data from Liverpool City Council on several ocasisons but not received them.

TSA chairman Gary Lipman deemed the ban “outrageous” and “a publicity stunt” but said he welcomed the decision from the city council to ensure responsible tanning and is currently liaising with them to help deal with any issues of underage tanning in the area.