International Spa & Wellness Knowledge Center holds first industry event

The newly formed International Spa & Wellness Knowledge Center (ISWKC) has held its first event, the two-day Follow the Customer Journey.

Taking place at Dutch wellness resort Thermae 2000 on September 26 and 27, the event attracted 25 spas and resort from across Europe. Among the businesses present were UK spa resort group Champneys, Château St. Gerlach in the Netherlands, Mayan Luxury Spa in Barcelona and the Grugapark-Therme in Germany. 

The ISWKC was established to encourage the industry to more openly share business data and best practice, with Follow the Customer Journey bringing spas and resorts together to kick-start this process. One of the aims of the event was also to lay the groundwork for a pan-European benchmarking system designed to not only benefit the spa and wellness industry but also the financiers who invest in it. 
Pauline Verhoef, co-founder of the ISWKC and commercial director of Thermae 2000, said: “[The event] was very successful and we will continue to build the European benchmark from here. The wellness industry is ready to share.” A second ISWKC event, Meet the Money, will take place in May 2014. Meet the Money will bring the spa and wellness industry together with potential investors.