London medical centre to hold free laser education event

London’s Wigmore Medical centre has announced plans to host a free event for aestheticians and therapists keen to learn more about offering laser and IPL services.

The two-hour session, dubbed “All Thinks Laser”, will be held on Monday June 30, and will give an introduction to laser and IPL technologies, how they work and what conditions they can be used for, and the regulatory issues regarding these devices following changes to legislation.

Mike Regan, a consultant for laser safety and compliance organisation Bioptica Laser Aesthetics, will deliver the talk. Regan has also been involved in the committee advising on the Aesthetic Surgery Services Standard of recommended practice for Europe, which includes non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

He will also be reporting on the progress that is being made by Health Education England, who is developing appropriate accredited qualifications for advanced treatments.

To book a place at the event, contact Wigmore Training.