Long lasting cosmetics mark key beauty trend

Almost half of new product launches in the colour cosmetics sector this year claim to stay put for longer, according to recent research by Mintel. 

Some 45% of new make-up and nail polish launches claim they offer durable, long lasting colour, the market intelligence company found, making this the leading trend in colour cosmetics for 2013. 

The most popular long lasting products are for the face and cheeks, with 55% of all new face make up releases this year claiming to be long lasting. Following second is the eye makeup industry, with long lasting products making up 52% of new launches in this category.

‘As well as fitting with the time pressures of modern life, colour cosmetics with long lasting claims appeal to value-seeking consumers as a product which requires less frequent application and will last longer,’ says Charlotte Libby, household and personal care analyst at Mintel.

As well as producing longer lasting products, more brands are releasing face primers, to prep the skin and make your makeup last longer. Many primers are often also multi-tasking products, providing moisture and sun protection, which is an example of the growing trend of multi-taking products.

With long lasting products like Vinylux and Orly’s Megapixel line proving popular, it paves the way for further innovation and product development in the industry. Orly’s founder and chief executive, Jeff Pink, says, ‘I believe that in a short time we’ll have a nail polish that is really going to last more that a week.’

Other notable trends in product development this year include brightening and illuminating products and seasonal specific products.