Majority of global consumers content with their appearance

The majority of global consumers are satisfied with their looks, according to a new study. 

A survey carried out by market analysts Gfk reveals that 55% of people over the age of 15 are satisfied with the way the look. 

The study, which incorporated 27,000 consumers in 22 countries around the world, also found that 12% of participants are “completely satisfied” with their appearance.  

16% of respondents said they were dissatisfied with their looks, while 29% were neutral about their own appearance. 

The survey revealed only marginal differences between men and women, with 43% of both men and women stating they were “fairly satisfied” with their looks. 

Women were more likely to be dissatisfied with their looks, but only by a few percentage points. 

14% of women reported they were “not too satisfied” with their appearance, while 4% said they were “not at all satisfied.” The equivalent figures for men were 11% and 3%. 

Men were slightly more prone to being neutral about their appearance, with 31% of men giving this response, compared to 27% of women. 

The study similarly found only negligible differences between teenagers and adults, when it comes to attitudes to their own appearance. 

16% of 15-19-year-olds said they were “not too satisfied” with their looks. This compares to 12-13% for those aged 20-59. 

People over the age of 60 were the most like to be content with their appearance, the study found. 

The research also revealed geographic differences, reporting that consumers in Latin America are the most satisfied with their appearance, led by Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. 

The Japanese displayed the greatest unhappiness with their looks, with 38% stating they were “not too satisfied” or “not at all satisfied” with their appearance. 

This was followed by Britain, Russia and South Korea on 20% and Australia and Sweden on 19%.