Massage chairs can aid weight loss, suggests clinical trial

Massage chairs used with accompanying audio programmes could help weight loss, according to a clinical trial conducted by a health and wellness centre in Shrewsbury.

The chairs, developed by Miruji Health & Wellbeing, and trialled in its own spa, Miruji Health Spa, massage the user’s body, fully clothed, while an audio track addresses a specific problem, such as weight management, quitting smoking or reducing stress. 

The 60 participants who took part in the 12-week clinical audit trial underwent a minimum of 90 minutes of massage and audio therapy per week.

The trial was overseen by independent health expert Dr Nick Richards, who recorded that almost 90% of the participants lost weight on the programme.

Participants also recorded associated health benefits such as sleeping better, eating more sensibly, taking more exercise and feeling more motivated to make further improvements in other areas of their lives.

The Miruji massage chair, which has featureed on BBC shows Dragon’s Den and The Alan Titchmarsh Show, claims to reduce stress, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain using the benefits of massage.

The audio programmes, which include Sit & Relax, Sit & Succeed and Sit & Slim, use neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and claim to help change negative thinking into a positive mindset.

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Alan Sharrrock, inventor of the Mirijuli Health and Wellbeing programme, said his system could improve the growing UK obesity problem and save the NHS money. “The Holy Grail is to find a way to help people take responsibility for their own health before it’s too late,” he said. “This is precisely what these psychological programmes do. People come back to me and say they have learned to think like a slim person.”