Media matters

With 1.1billion monthly Facebook users, 665 million on whom check their accounts on a daily basis and more than 200million regular Twitter users – according to figures released by the respective companies in March this year – spas can hardly have avoided becoming aware of the power of social media and the potential business punch it can pack.

In an industry that has not always been quick to embrace online technology this does not, however, necessarily translate into a clear, cohesive and consistent social media strategy.

“There are a lot of businesses that will set up a Facebook page or a Twitter account and expect that to be the end of it, expect that people will just flock to it,” says Ian Mellett, who works with online and social media at UK-based Premier Software Solutions. Mellet and Premier founder Robert Miles both agree that this is, however, not nearly enough. “You have to actually drive traffic to these mediums,” Miles comments. “Social media is like any other marketing facility, the business has to be prepared to put some weight behind it, in order for it to work.” 

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