Fresh face

Hands up how many of you get young clients with problematic skin walking over your salon threshold? Though people are getting savvier in how to look after their skin, it still doesn’t stop them turning to you, the skincare experts, for help.

This month we’re looking at Germaine de Capuccini’s newest professional facial treatment, which is designed for combination skin and those prone to breakouts.

Younger people are one of the fastest growing revenue sources for salons and spas, especially those who suffer from oily and blemish-prone skin. This facial doesn't break the bank, at a price point of £50, and is ideal to market to teenage clients looking for guidance on how to deal with skin issues such as acne.

Treatment protocol

The Purexpert facial treatment helps to purify the skin, reducing imperfections and dilated pores, while ultimately preventing premature wrinkles.

It begins with a thorough cleanse using Germaine de Capuccini’s Deeping Evolution applied to the skin. This contains keratinase and papain enzymes, which cleanses and renews the epidermis.

After toning, the Pure and Control Mask is used, which contains red clay with a high iron content to oxygenate and yeast biomembranes to unblock and heal blemishes. Ginger and cinnamon bark also helps reduce oil production.

For those with acne skin, an Anti-Imperfections Specifix Concentrate is applied prior to the mask, and contains both manuka and willow herb to normalise excessive sebum and salicylic acid to resurface the corneal layer.

While the mask is in place, a relaxation massage is performed on the scalp, arms and hands. Once the mask is removed with hot towels a BB Cream Natural Cover is applied. The skin should feel hydrated and toned, with the cream helping to reduce the appearance of redness and additionally, protect against UV rays.

Recommended treatment price: £50. Treatment time: 60 minutes