Micro-businesses up by 24% in entrepreneurial Britain

The number of people in Britain setting up micro-business and taking on part-time employees has risen by almost a quarter in the last year, according to recent research.

Freelancer.co.uk carried out a survey of 300,000 businesses, to find that a UK-wide increase in the number of people working for themselves has taken place in the last 12 months, supporting industry reports that home based and mobile beauty operators are on the rise.

According to the research, the highest growth was seen in Brighton and Newcastle (24% each), followed by Manchester and Southampton (23%). There was 21% in London and 20% in Liverpool, with Sheffield the lowest at only 8%.

European director of the website, Bill Little, said, “This study shows that a clear picture is emerging. Starting a micro-business is easier than ever and is less risky with small start-up costs.”

Recent data published by the Office for National Statistics also indicates a rise in these types of businesses, with some 52% of UK small businesses run from home.