Miraval brand set for expansion following ownership merger

Revolution Places, the owners of the wellness-focused Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona, has entered into a joint ownership agreement with private equity firm KSL Capital Partners. 

The new partnership will drive the expansion of the Miraval spa and wellness brand into new markets, with plans to launch in other US locations, in Europe and in other destinations around the world. 

Steve Case, chairman of Revolution, said: “For many years, we have been working to grow Miraval, to bring it to new locations and new people. Partnering with KSL allows us to accelerate these efforts, build on our success in Tucson, and take Miraval to new locations around the country and the world.” 

Miraval, which opened in 1995 and is set on 400 acres of land, is one of the world’s most established wellness resorts. Mike Shannon, managing director of KSL, said: “Miraval is a true pioneer in spa and wellness and we are thrilled to join forces with Revolution in overseeing the resort.”