Most small businesses unprepared for cyber-attacks

Small businesses such as beauty salons could be at risk from cyber-attacks as a new survey released by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Arbor Networks revealed that 83% of companies are not ready to deal with a cyber security breach.

The study, which questioned micro-businesses including salons, hairdressers, builders and legal firms, found that two thirds (68%) have internet-connected laptops and half allow IT-enabled mobile and remote working. All of which had vital data including confidential customer information and financial records stored on their computers.

31% of respondents said they would not know what to do if they have an IT breach tomorrow and four in 10 said they would struggle to recover data lost.

However, some 82% said they are not a target because they’re too small or don’t have anything worth stealing.

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, 41% of small firms were hit by cybercrime in 2013, with one in 10 the victim of online fraud and one in five affected by a computer virus.