Multifunctional and personalised products key beauty trends


Personalised beauty solutions and multifunctional products such as BB creams are two of the beauty industry’s growth areas, according to analysts at market intelligence firm Euromonitor International.

Speaking in a video on the company, analysts Ashma Kunde and Nicole Tyrimou highlighted the current key trends in the beauty industry. According to Kunde, an apparel research analyst at the firm, the trend in fashion for individual, bespoke products has filtered down into the beauty sector. “It’s clear that solutions targeted to the individual have become increasingly important,” Kunde added. 

Nicole Tyrimou, beauty and personal care research analyst at Euromonitor, added that this tailored approach has marked a shift in skincare innovation. “We’ve also seen an increasing popularity for multifunctionality, and that’s on the back of time-crunched consumers looking for quick fix solutions,” she said, adding that this has been epitomised by the massive popularity of BB and CC creams.