NEW! Airbase Perfecting Primer



Experts at Airbase airbrush cosmetics are excited to announce the arrival of their brand new, innovative Perfecting Primer - a colourless silicone gel containing precious metal platinum.Perfect ahead of in-salon makeovers or as an aftersales“add on”, it is theultimate make-up prepping essential for super staying power.

Created in Switzerland, this premium quality innovative Airbase Perfecting Primer provides an instant flawless finish. Diffusing reflected light, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and poresusing anti-ageing ingredients for a rejuvenated, perfected look that lasts – offering an additional benefit to your current makeover packages.

Highlighting the nano-sized particles of negatively charged platinum in the Airbase Perfecting Primer, a comprehensive PR campaign will support stockists. The campaign will educate consumers on the benefits of maintaining the electrical balance of the skin, recharging itwhile having an anti-oxidant effect.As this creates a buffer zone, similar to a healthy epidermis, it continually supplies electrons to the skin, allowing it to be reformed and restoredwhile protecting against external elements.

Ideal for summer, the platinum negative ions also re-align water molecules, which makecells sit in one direction, improving absorption of moisture. Likewise, its aloe vera content also soothes, moisturisers and regenerates tired skin for deep down dermal hydration while its siliconebase provides a silky, non-greasy look as it absorbs sebum to help reduce shine.

30ml - RRP 49.95 euro. W/S 27.00 euro

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