No brand loyalty when it comes to buying body care products

Consumers show no allegiance to a brand when it comes to buying body care products, according to a new report from Mintel.  

In fact, the findings revealed that almost a quarter of consumers (23%) who buy body care products once a week usually buy what brand is on sale. This has contributed to a 10% decline in sales of body care product from 2007-2012.
Molly Maier, senior analyst at Mintel believes the economic downturn has had an effect on the performance of body care products in the market. “Product affordability is the most important attribute right now, therefore keeping products with a medium or low price point will be key in maintaining consumer participation,” she said. 
The report also found that some consumers would buy one product, such as hand lotion and use it on other areas of their body in an effort to be economical. 28% of consumers use hand lotion on their feet, 43% on their arms and 23% on their legs. 
The time of year also has an effect on sales of body care products and salons and spas would be wise to take note of what products work for consumers during different seasons.
Nearly three-quarters (73%) of people use more lotion during the winter months and 67% say they buy different products depending on their need, such as dry skin in the winter or gradual tanner in the summer. 
Some 67% of lotion users also said they preferred using bottles with pump dispensers to jars and 59% would consider buying hand or body lotion in refillable packaging. 
Body care products with extra moisturising properties remain popular among 61% of consumers, and there is a growth of consumers from 23% in 2011 to 30% in 2012 wanting products with anti-ageing qualities. 31% of consumers are also seeking all natural products.