North Nails Championships winners announced

The popular North Nail Championships saw top nail techs alongside emerging artists showcase their talent in traditional manicures, innovative nail art and classic pink and white.

The judges were impressed with the level of skill and artistry on display and there were some sterling performances by entrants, among which Crystal Nails technician Alexandra Mehesz who took home an impressive four awards after two days of competition.

The winners and runners up for each category are:

Spa Manicure

Winner: Julie Lee

Second: Ekaterina Kluchikova

Third: Emma Rogers

Photographic classic

Winner: Julie Lee

Second: Tracy Lee

Third: Tracy Lee

Photographic Classic Voters’ choice: Louise Huggard

Manicurist of the Year

Winner: Ekaterina Kluchnikova

Permanent polish

Winner: Ekaterina Kluchnikova

Second: Malgorzata Ollek

Third: Julie Lee

Nail Master

Winner: Emma Harris

Nail Starters Tip & Overlay

Winner: Claire Robinson

Second: Hannah Walton

Third: Victoria Sharkey

One Stroke Nail Art

Winner: Alexandra Mehesz

Second: Jo Whittle

Third: Karina Perematko

Showcase Nail Art

Winner: Alexandra Mehesz

Second: Karen Smith

Third: Caroline Carrick

Salon nail

Winner: Alexandra Mehesz

Second: Amy Hayes

Third: Louise Huggard

Pink & White competition style

Winner: Alexandra Mehesz

Second: Emma Harris

Third: Elise Pilkington

Photographic Nail Art

Winner: Emma Harris

Second: Tina Thomas

Third: Dorota Palicka

Photographic Nail Art Voters’ Choice: Dorota Palicka

Nail Art Master

Winner: Jo Whittle


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