'Not tested on animals' is key beauty product claim for consumers

Not tested on animals, containing SPF and being all natural are the most important beauty product claims for consumers, according to new research. 

That the item has not been tested on animals is a beauty product claim that is important to 57% of consumers, according to a recent report from market analysts Nielsen. 

56% said it was important that the product contained SPF, while 53% highlighted the product being all-natural, 52% that it featured no animal products and 44% that it had an anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effect as being key claims. 

However, the report highlights a difference between the product claims beauty consumers state matter the most, and the ones they are actually prepared to pay more for.  

When it comes to claims consumers are prepared to pay extra for, all natural tops the list, with 46%. This is followed by containing SPF, anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle benefits and skin firming and lifting effects – all on 44%- and not tested on animals, on 43%. 

There is also a difference between the claims men and women are willing to pay a premium for. 

For men, all natural and organic are the top two claims, with 26% and 21% respectively stating that they would be prepared to pay more for products featuring these claims. 

Meanwhile, the claims women are most likely to pay more for are not tested on animals (42%) and contains no animal products (37%). 

The research also found that consumers respond well to beauty packaging stating how fast the item will deliver results.

1,000 consumers participated in the survey.