One in 10 tattooed consumers seek removal treatments, study says

Image: Gokhan Okur, Dreamstime

Nearly four in 10 consumers with a tattoo regret having had them done, according to research by machine manufacturer Syneron Candela.

To support the launch of it PicoWay device, the brand spoke to 2,000 men and women across the UK. According to the research, 12% of the women surveyed and 8% of the men had already undergone a tattoo-removal procedure.

Of the survey respondents who had tattoos, 39% said they regret having them done. Nearly a quarter of all respondents think tattoos are “cheap and chavvy”, and of those who regret having their tattoos done, around a third said they thought their tattoos were tacky and dated.

Tattoos most likely to be regretted were names of partners, followed by those done as a joke or dare.

Owner of PHI Clinic London Dr Tapan Patel commented, “I have queues of patients at my clinic wanting their inkings removed either due to errors, because they no longer like them, they feel too old or simply because they are bored of it and want to replace it with a new one.” He added that laser is the most effective treatment to remove tattoos.