One in five men passionate about grooming

The average UK man owns £71 worth of beauty products, and the average woman owns £203, according to recent research by marketing services consultancy Pragma Consulting.

The study looked at consumers’ behaviour around and enthusiasm for beauty and grooming, and identified five different consumer groups: fanatical, committed, curious, presentable, and functional. The research identified that 20% of male consumers surveyed were either “fanatical” or “committed”, indicating the strength of this market.

Marketing is a key driver for male consumers when it comes to making a purchasing decision about a beauty or grooming product; 40% said brand name was important when choosing something new, however just 18% said that being able to try a tester of the product before purchasing was important.

Helene Mills, director at Pragma Consulting, said, “The findings reveal the huge opportunity in play for male beauty brands. Men’s grooming routines are now an accepted part of daily life. As was can see, many are proud to be looking after appearance. They are willing to invest a significant amount of their disposable income in the right products that make them look and feel better.”