PB MEETS: Kassy Lucas, Owner and Founder of Decadence

Decadence was specifically created to produce organic Irish beauty products. Kassy discovered that many of the tanning cosmetics labeled as Irish were in fact manufactured outside the country. Through this she decided to distribute her own all natural 100% Irish beauty range.

PB:  What is your most popular product?

KL: Our decadence professional and self-tan formula is going down a storm. The results from using these products speak for themselves. We have included a dual bronzer technology which means salon owners get a lot more tans per litre of solution. This makes our formula very cost effective to use in the salon.

PB:  What makes your products different from the competition?

KL: As a beauty therapist and a cosmetic scientist developed our products the experience combined has resulted in the perfect formula. The beauty therapist knows exactly what she wants the tan to do and what ingredients give the best results and the cosmetic scientist can put the formula together and give additional knowledge. The products have been formulated and researched right here in Ireland resulting in a tan that is perfect for Irish skins.

PB: What would be the cost to professionals looking to start using Urban Tan products?

KL: We have managed to manufacture a high performance organic tanning range with no nasty chemicals. We can also offer these products at a great price as we have managed to cut out high importation costs. It is also a high concentration formula containing almost double the active ingredients of traditional tanners so there is a better return for money per litre as less solution is needed to carry out a full body tan.

PB:  Do you provide any support for professionals who use your products in their salons?

KL: At the moment we do not have training facilities but we have carried out in salon training for a lot of owners who have decided to become decadence exclusive salons and want to know everything that there is to know about the brand. We also have training and sales manuals for our stockists.

PB:  Are you having anything new on your stand at the show?

KL: This will be the first time Decadence has been revealed at a Professional Beauty Show, so the whole range is new.

PB:  Will you be having any special offers exclusive to the show?

KL: We have some amazing intro packages to offer customers who wish to stock the range and some great competitions.

PB: Any other plans for the show?

KL: Our main plans are to meet potential stockists, show them our products and reveal the brand. We are very excited to meet everyone. We have exhibited at the show before but this will be the first time with Decadence so it will be great to meet clients old and new!

PB: What tips would you give salon owners looking to introduce a new line into their salon?

KL: First off you need to make sure the products perform as they are expected to for a professional tanning range. Sampling products is a great way to do this. You also need to make sure the company is actively promoting the brand for you. There needs to be some sort of support system from your supplier. Branding is also another important aspect. You need nice posters etc that will attract attention from consumers.

PB:  What’s taking place outside of the show?

KL: We are working very hard at developing the brand, as it is so new we need to raise its awareness as much as we can. Top models are using the tan and tweeting about us. Bloggers and beauty editors are branding it the best tan they have used. We have been featured in the pages of U magazine, Stellar, Irish tattler, Image, Evening herald, Daily mail, Independent, Red carpet TV. We have also done all the tans for Miss so sue me.ie and the requests and demands for the brand are getting bigger everyday! It’s a very exciting time for us at the moment and in between all of this we have just signed off on some very exciting new products to be launched next year! Keep an eye out for us in a magazine near you!

Visit Decadence at Professional Beauty Dublin, on 30 September – 1 October at the RDS, Dublin.

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