PB meets Divine Herbal

What is the background of the company and what type of products do you offer?

Divine herbal is a British brand that's been at the forefront of the chemical-free hair loss market for almost 5 years and has now expanded into other areas of hair & skincare. It all started in 2010 with the 'Hair Oil' which was a recipe for the brand owner’s very own hair loss concerns. Once he realized its potential he decided to develop it further, quit his day job and launch his own business. Shortly after, I joined the company and am now ‘Salon Account Manager’ for the London area. We are now represented in 3 other territories within the EU and have over 60 stockists across the UK.

What is your most popular product and what do you think makes it popular?

I'd say definitely the 'Hair Oil', closely followed by the 'Facial Treatment Serum'. Both products are totally unrelated! One is for hair loss and the other is for pigmentation & ageing concerns. Considering the fact that we have never marketed the brand, I think its success can be attributed to customer results and word of mouth popularity.

What makes your products special over the competition?

If you take the Hair Oil, it would be the following: price, natural formulation, no side effects and also the 60-day money back guarantee – if it doesn't work customers can return to us directly, even if purchased from a salon. Not many hair loss companies can offer that!

How cost effective are your products when introducing them into a salon?

As our minimum trade order investment can be as little as 4 products, I would like to hope our products; when introduced into a salon are considered to be 'cost effective'!

Do you provide any extra services, advice or training programmes for professionals who use your products in their salons?

Yes we have salon account managers both within and outside of London who frequently visit salons to help train salon staff and keep the salons updated on news, offers and topped-up with samples/literature. 

Why should salon owners visit your stand at the show?

To see and trial for themselves; what it is that makes our products unique. For example; there are dozens of 'Argan oil' type hair serum's on the market, but our 'Hair Repair Treatment' is the first to be 100% natural and does not contain silicones, perfume or chemicals.

Are you having anything new on your stand at the show?

Our recently launched Professional size range will be available to view at the show. These are a great way to introduce your clients to the products – as chances are they may not have come across our brand before!

Will you be having any special offers exclusive to the show?

Yes. We are offering customers 20% off our retail product range, plus we are extending our 60-day money back guarantee to all of our signature products purchased on the day: Hair Oil, Hair Repair Treatment and Facial Treatment Serum (normally only applicable to 'Hair Oil').

Any other plans for the show?

As we recently underwent a complete re-branding process – our 'all new' brochures, samples, price lists etc can be viewed at our stand or taken away. Much of the material available is brand new and not previously seen at the 2013 + 14 shows we did with Professional Beauty.

What tips would you give salon owners looking to introduce a new line into their salon?

Regardless of its popularity or the hype surrounding it, I would always recommend trialling a product first; both the management, staff and maybe even a few regular clients who can give you feedback. As the saying goes 'the proof is in the pudding'. If everyone agrees they love the products then you know you're onto a winner. It's important for salon staff to be passionate about a product or brand as that passion then rubs off on the clients too and makes them more likely to purchase that product. Once the product is in, ensure you have plenty of leaflets, posters etc to help market the product effectively within your salon. There's nothing worse than products remaining on the shelves simply because customer's aren't aware of what they are/do. Try placing product posters directly opposite the customer seating area so that it remains within their line of vision. Sooner or later they are likely to enquire about the product on the poster. 

Please tell us any current news or anything which is taking place at the moment outside of show activities.

It's still early stages...but we hope to shortly start exporting to several different major consumer markets. As always, our website or social media pages will be the first to announce any new developments for Divine Herbal, so stay tuned!

To find out more, visit Divine Herbal on stand B28 at Professional Beauty, on 22-23 February at ExCel London.

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