Poor phone manner enough to turn off potential clients

Salons could be turning off potential business with poor customer service over the phone, according to new research.

A survey conducted by telephone answering service All Day PA of 1,000 UK consumers found that 25% thought retail businesses deliver poor customer service on the phone.

What’s more, more than two thirds of respondents (68%) said that receiving poor customer service on the phone would be enough to make them move their custom elsewhere.

The research also found that more than half of the respondents (53%) preferred to use the phone in order to get detailed information before making a purchase, and some 41% called when shopping around for a service.

The research also revealed the impressions that poor telephone manner had on potential customers. If a business fails to answer its phone promptly, lets calls run to voicemail, or has unhelpful or impolite reception staff, more than 70% of respondents would think that business is poorly run.

Likewise, 60% thought it showed that the staff didn’t care about the quality of their work, and three quarters believed it was a sign the customer service is likely to be poor.

Board executive at All Day PA David Joseph commented, “Our research indicates a worrying trend for businesses who keep their customers at arms length. Whilst we love the convenience of email, there are specific moments when we want to speak to a human being.”