Pre-Spray Tan Tips from the Experts of Tanning at Fake Bake

As pioneers and market leaders in the self tan industry, Fake Bake appreciate that their salon professionals and therapists want nothing short of excellence for their clients. They want the best equipment, the best products and the best training, including a wealth of hints and tips on all aspects of fake tan along the way, and Fake Bake is proud to offer all that and more!


Here are their top tips to remember before a spray tan: 


TIP 1- A detailed consultation is carried out with the client, including a patch test if necessary at least 24 hours prior to application if the client has never had a self-tan or spray-tan before. 

TIP 2 - The client has selected one of Fake Bake’s five spray tan solutions; Original, Darker, Gold, 60 Minutes or Beyond Bronze Self-Tanning Liquid. 

TIP 3 - The client takes off all jewellery, contact lenses and glasses and has removed all make up, deodorants and perfumes from their skin. 

TIP 4 - Sticky feet are applied to the soles of the client’s feet to stop them from discolouring. 

TIP 5 - A hair net is worn to protect the client’s hair ensuring that their ears are exposed and the hair net is set slightly back from the hairline. 

TIP 6 - A protective face mask and gloves are worn by the therapist. 

TIP 7 - Oil Free Mistifier is applied to the elbows, hands, knees and feet to prevent the tan grabbing to these dry areas. 

TIP 8 - Fake Bake Oil Free Moisturiser can be applied to the palms of the hands and the nails to thin the self-tan during the tanning treatment. 

TIP 9 - Hold the spray gun approximately 25-30cm away from the client. 

TIP 10 - Always keep the spray gun upright. 

TIP 11 - Never spray from side to side. Always spray downwards. 

TIP 12 - If excess spray is applied to an area, use a mitt in gentle dabbing motions to lift the solution from the client’s skin. 

TIP 13 - Once the face is complete, go over the face once more to ensure all areas are covered. 

TIP 14 - Constantly communicate with the client throughout the treatment to relax them. 

TIP 15 - Always tell the client to look ahead during the spray tan treatment. They have a tendency to look down to watch what you are doing which can cause them to inhale spray and/or create crease lines on the neck. 

TIP 16 - Never dilute solution because the quality of the tan WILL BE compromised and the life of the liquid will shorten. 

TIP 17 - Never mix solutions as viscosities vary and separate, creating a patchy tan. 


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