Professional Beauty meets Mediterranean Tan Wax and Beauty

Professional Beauty: You are a young brand but are quickly creating a name for yourselves. What makes you different?

Mediterranean Tan Wax and Beauty: Andrea’s answer is that while others sit around and talk about it she just gets on with it. It has been this approach that has allowed her to achieve a string of academic qualifications including a diploma of applied science and a MBA.

Andrea’s extensive critical care nursing background and thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology gives her the edge when manufacturing spray tan and other cosmetics in her brand. Andrea advocates the importance of quality products, and particularly the importance of ingredients in cosmetics. Andrea recognises that other company owners would not have the scientific or medical knowledge to make decisions about ingredients in their product.


PB: What are you most looking forward to at #PBLondon? Are you going to present any new products at the show?

MTWB: MediterraneanTan™ are excited to be at #PBLondon finally and are really looking forward to meeting some our existing customers that are based in the UK. We will predominantly be focusing on our Violet Base Solutions™ which will be something new for the UK market.


PB: Are you going to have any special offers?

MTWB: Of course we are! We will be taking stock that can be bought of off the show floor for an amazing price!


PB: What events have you been involved with recently?

MTWB: MediterraneanTan™ has had a busy 2013 and will be even busier this following year. We attended Nashville in Tennessee this year for the Smart Tan Expo which seen the brand expand immensely throughout the US.

MediterraneanTan™ is also a major sponsor for Miss Universe Australia. Andrea Taylor the owner of MediterraneanTan™ has already been a judge for some of the Victorian preliminary finals, feels that the alignment of MediterraneanTan™ and Miss Universe Australia is a perfect fit and that 2014 will see big things for both companies.

The alignment of Mediterranean Tan™ and Miss Universe® Australia is one that is close to Andrea's heart.  Andrea manufactures her products in a certified organic environment, creating products for women that release their exotic inner goddess so that they look and feel amazing. Andrea who is a successful business woman encourages the constantans to put in the hard work but to be true to yourself. Andrea’s advice being “Let the judges see who you really are and what you stand for, focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses".

It is a huge responsibility to be a role model for these young ladies. " I feel as a woman, we all need to instil and encourage females to follow their own paths, and assist young ladies to reach their full potential" said Andrea.


MediterraneanTan™ are also very excited to announce that our Master Spray Tanning courses will now be government accredited; this is a big step for Spray tanning in Australia as it will be the only course in Australia held by the actual company to be accredited, as we have partnered with a registered learning organisation.


PB: Tell us about your product (your best product name)? Does it really help?

MTWB: MediterraneanTan™ are the pioneers of the Violet Base Solution™ in spray tanning! We offer our 2 Hour Light, Medium and Dark solutions as well as an 8 Hour Light Medium and Dark. We offer a complete skin care system, as well as preparation booklets that you can work through with the client to ensure a thorough understanding of the process. The client needs to commit to only using MediterraneanTan™ retail products to ensure the skin is prepared, balanced and hydrated ready to produce deep, dark, exotic results.

The process commences with the client exfoliating some 12 - 24 hours prior to the spray tan. MediterraneanTan™ body scrub is formulated with collagen forming marine extracts and micro granulates of Dead Sea salt. Gentle enough to protect and stimulate hydration in the skin whilst creating a flawless, soft smooth canvas ready for your MediterraneanTan™ sunless experience. The next step is to ensure that the skin is continuously hydrated creating longer lasting tans. The MediterraneanTan™ body wash and tan extender provide the unique combination of collagen forming marine extracts in a luxurious low foaming body wash and a tan extender that saturates the skin with an exotic blend of anti oxidants. All MediterraneanTan™ retail products are beautifully scented with a subtle yet sensual pomegranate extract, providing the final exotic touch to the spray tan experience.


Our system is designed to ensure that you as the therapist choose the right colour for your client. A good guide is to break down the skin tones into light, medium and dark. For the purposes of this I have chosen some well known skin tones as examples.


Skin Type 1 - Pale skin, red hair, naturally fair hair colourings, blue eyes. Would never tan naturally and usually burns in the sun. This is the typical Nicole Kidman skin type.


Skin Type 2 - Light to medium skin, blond to medium brown hair as well as green, blue or grey eyes. Would tan naturally. This is the typical Jennifer Aniston skin type.


Skin Type 3 - Naturally tanned olive skin, generally has dark hair with eyes that are green, brown or occasionally blue. This is the typical Penelope Cruz skin type.

Choosing the correct MediterraneanTan™ for each skin type is simple,  MediterraneanTan™ products have been designed around each skin type. The light solution in each range is for the skin type 1 clients, the medium solution for skin type 2 clients and dark solution for skin type 3+ clients. Always start the product range at the suggested levels and after you and your client know how their skin will react to the concentrates of DHA, then you can move them up the scale if they wish a deeper, darker more exotic spray tan.


PB: What makes it so popular?

MTWB: MediterraneanTan™ provides a unique exotic blend of only the best ingredients in the world, blended in a certified organic environment using the latest technology that lead to the WORLD’s first violet base solution™. This produces deeper, darker spray tans in less time and with less product.

I recommend that you use only 50 - 70 mls (1-2 oz), spray only one coat that allows saturation and the client is virtually dry by the time you are finished spraying.  I know that it is unusual for a spray tan manufacturer to recommend using LESS product. However, I am not just a manufacturer; I am like other salon owners in that I spray every day. I am concerned about costs and time is money, so waiting around for a client to dry off from putting on some 3oz per spray of solution is costly.


Green Base Solutions versus Violet Base Solutions, what is the difference? A manufacturer knows that there is a special way to blend a solution that gives the spray tan its base. Whilst DHA is clear most us know that different bases blended with DHA and Bronzers form a truly unique colouring of spray tan on your skin. Mediterranean Violet Base Solutions™ contain a unique combination of ingredients and violet based bronzers, which are then blended scientifically differently to that of green based products.

Violet based products produce an instant natural tan shade when sprayed on the skin, and prevent yellow /orange undertones in the developed tan. The violet based solution™ adapts to any skin type as it picks up and adopts the skin’s individual darker tones, whilst deepening the colour.


PB: Is it all natural?

MTWB: MediterraneanTan™, products are made from a range of local and exotic ingredients and blended using the latest scientific techniques in a certified organic laboratory.  Andrea’s spray tan is made free from nasty ingredients such as Propylene Glycol, Erythrulose, Synthetic DHA’s, Parabens and Petro Chemicals. MediterraneanTan™ has been clinically proven to outperform any other tan on the market.


PB: Why should salon owners choose your products? Will it benefit their business?

MTWB: This has been a big step for Andrea and MediterraneanTan™, in record time the brand has gained the attention of socialites and celebrities as their “favourite” tan and is the fastest growing brand on the market. Chosen by Miss Universe® Australia as the official tan and by Vogue Magazine Australia and more recently Spa Australasia, the brand is rapidly becoming the NUMBER ONE sought after brand ACROSS THE GLOBE.


By using the complete MediterraneanTan™ system, salon owners can be assured that clients will walk away happy and will keep coming back! MediterraneanTan™ offers marketing packages to each salon and can use all imagery associated will Miss Universe and Vogue Australia for free!


Our support system is also fantastic; we are here to help and will endeavour to provide excellent customer service to you so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.