Q&A with skincare expert Jeannette Forgacova for BDR (Beauty Defect Repair)

Jeanette, can you tell us about BDR?

BDR is a renowned German facial treatment system for deep skin repair and rejuvenation. It uses a combination of medical grade skincare and custom-developed and patented technologies that stimulate the skin to achieve impressive results on the skin. What’s more, the treatment is a delicate, relaxing experience for the customer.

Which techniques does this system use?

The technologies used in BDR are unique, pain-free micro-needle stimulation, AHA peels, delicate mechanical exfoliation and LED light therapy, which are used alongside advanced cosmeceuticals and facial lymphatic drainage techniques. Using all these different therapies together means that a skin specialist can individually tailor a treatment programme to clients and address any skin concern.

Great, so what skin conditions does it target?

It is very effective skin problems associated with ageing, such as loss of elasticity, decreased skin volume, deep wrinkles, and uneven complexion. BDR also achieves great results when used to treat acne, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage, scarring including post-acne scars, dry or coarse skin and skin sensitivity.

How many treatments do I need before I start to see the results?

The results are instantly noticeable after the first treatment. But it’s after a course that you’ll start to notice a profound and sustainable change in the skin. Courses generally last between four and eight treatments, depending on the concerns.

Why should a salon owner or beauty therapist introduce BDR to their clients?

BDR is not only incredibly effective, it’s also very safe. It allows you to really change the quality and appearance of your client’s skin, without compromising on the customer experience. BDR treatments generate great loyalty from customers, which means an increase in turnover even with your existing client base.

How cost effective is BDR for a salon business?

The system is very cost effective. There is a variety of packages to suit every salons’ needs and budget. And with a treatment RRP of £120, you can make your outlay back in good time. In addition, there are no minimum order requirements on our skincare, which makes it ideal for everyone to try without having to invest a large capital sum in a big start up order.


For more information on BDR, please visit www.bdr-skintreatments.co.uk