Question time

Q&A with Liz Holmes, Spa Director at Rockliffe Hall and a 2015 Professional Spa & Wellness Convention speaker.


1 - What have been the most important spa industry developments in the past few years?

The industry has grown very quickly which has allowed more people to use spa facilities and enjoy spa treatments as part of their everyday lives.  This has brought amazing opportunities when it comes to the creative drive for new facilities and experiences to keep an edge over the competition.  Better, more meaningful and effective treatments; clearer and better designed client journeys, as well as products developed for both efficacy and feel have all added to the tremendous achievements of our industry.

2 - Which are the most pressing issues currently facing the spa & wellness industry?

We need to take lessons from the health club industry where cheaper gym memberships

and pared down levels of service have undermined client perception.  We need to ensure that our spas focus on being something special with clear USP’s and the best customer experiences we can offer to ensure that we continue to grow our market share. 

3 - What industry changes would you like to see in 2015

A real focus is required on developing our people with more investment in management training and career enhancement.  The spa industry needs to be a financially viable and long term career opportunity for the spa professionals of the future. 

4 - Why industry event such as PSW Convention are so important?

Staying connected is a must in this dynamic and forward moving industry and PSW is brings together many of the finest minds in the industry from across the globe and from diverse and creative businesses. 

5 - What would you like the audience to take away from your session?

I believe in sharing the things which have worked for me as well as the things which haven’t.  I would like people to take away some easy to incorporate ideas for their spa’s and salons which will hopefully help them to grow their business and inspire their people.

6 - Which sessions are you most looking forward at this year convention?

I am looking forward to the trends discussion on Sunday morning followed by the Psychology of selling, and will be certain to gain some brilliant insights to take back with me. 


Liz Holmes will be speaking on Monday 23 February at 11:00

session: From HR to RH: Resources for Humans
Advice on how you can climb the ladder and inspire your team to do the same 

CHAIR: Morgan Lefrançois, Corporate Spa Business Manager at Clarins

Robert Teulings, Director of Thermae 2000 and Co-founder of the International Spa and Wellness Knowledge Center (ISWKC)
Anna Thomas, Spa Operations Manager, Stoke Park (UK)

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