Report identifies serious skills gaps in spa managment

Some 95% of spa bosses said they struggle to find spa managers or directors with the right combination of qualifications and experience and 52% said these problems will stay the same or worsen over the next decade.

The results were published in a new report commissioned by the Global Spa & Wellness Summit. titled Spa Management Workforce and Education: Addressing Market Gaps.
The report defined the key training gaps for spa managers or directors as: 
1. Strategic planning skills 
2. IT skills
3. Public relations/promotional skills
4. Revenue management skills
5. Legal/regulatory compliance
6. Financial management/accounting skills
7. Sales/marketing/retail skills
It concluded that these problems need to be addressed through a combination of encouraging skills development among current and future spa managers; engaging schools and training providers; and encouraging investment in human resource development among spa companies.
It also suggested that a well-functioning management system for the spa industry was dependent on closer interaction and sharing of knowledge between three key groups. Spa managers and directors; spa business and industry leaders; and spa management related educations institutions and training providers. 
[Image: Thermarium]