SPF drives skincare and make-up sales

The presence of SPF is becoming a vital factor in British women’s choice of skincare and make-up, with sales of products containing sun protection up across the board.

Sales of prestige beauty products containing a sun protection factor (SPF) rating recorded 11% year-on-year growth in the four months to April 30, 2013, according to analyst NPD Group.

Prestige beauty products with SPF 25 are performing especially well, seeing a 19% growth year on year in total skincare, and a 21% growth in make-up.

In the same period, 25% of all women’s prestige face moisturising cream sold included SPF, and value sales increased 6.5%. That growth was driven particularly by products with an SPF of 30 or above, which saw an 8% rise in value sales. By comparison, products without SPF saw only 1% growth.

It’s not just moisturisers that are benefitting from the surge in demand for sun protection. Sales of prestige cosmetics including foundations and lipsticks with SPF are also on the rise.

Looking at figures for the full year to April 30, 2013, almost 80% of all foundations sold in the UK contained an SPF of between five and 50. And while value sales of foundation grew 9.5% to £46m, those without SPF fell by 3.9%. 

NPD said that with more British women choosing prestige beauty products with SPF, it is likely the manufacturers will respond by incorporating SPF in their ranges in more innovative ways this year and beyond.