Save Face launches to regulate aesthetic practitioners

A new register for non-surgical aesthetic practitioners has been launched by a board including aesthetic nurses Marie Dolan and Emma Davies.

Save Face is an independent scheme to provide accreditation and regulation and will be managed by directors Brett Collins and Ashton Honeyball who have a background in accreditation schemes.

Like the existing Treatments You Can Trust register, Save Face will be limited to medical practitioners including doctors, dentists and nurses but will not be open to beauty therapists performing aesthetic treatments.

To achieve accreditation by Save Face, practitioners must have achieved accredited qualifications, operate from premises meeting certain requirements, adhere to a code of conduct that covers handling complaints, insurance, responsible advertising practice and consent packages, and demonstrate competence through an annual appraisal.

Director Brett Collins said: “The explosion in the market place in recent years has resulted in a sea of operators – many of whom are not trained, qualified or audited. It is an area of great concern, which has been identified but not yet fully addressed.

“Save Face will…work closely with the industry to provide a platform through which we can champion the most reputable, well qualified and professional practitioners and clinics which offer non-surgical cosmetic procedures.”

The Save Face website will allow consumers to search for registered practitioners and clinics. It will also feature clinic profiles and will encourage customer feedback.