Scots most eco-conscious, according to Ecotools survey

Beauty accessories brand Ecotools has conducted a survey to investigate the UK’s ‘green’ habits.  2,198 male and female UK respondents took party in the survey to celebrate National Earth Day on April 22. It found that 90% of Scots describe themselves as eco-friendly, and are the most eco-conscious in their day-to-day lives In terms of recycling and limiting water and electricity use.

Ireland came second, with 88% of respondents claiming to be eco-conscious, while London and the Midlands took joint third place, both with 85% of participants commenting that they care about the environment.  The South West of England ranked lowest, with 68% of environmentally friendly respondents.

National Earth Day takes place on the same day every day to mark the anniversary of what was considered the ‘birth of the modern environmental movement’ in the ‘70s, and aims to put environmental concerns at the forefront of global consciousess.

Ecotools’ survey also looked at the current generation of young consumers and found that 86% overall of 16-24 year olds claim to take pride in their environment and wish to make positive changes, compared to just 26% of respondents over the age of 45.  Additionally, 84% of the younger participants revealed that buzzwords such as ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ influence their purchase choices.