WSW Insights: Smart strategies to generate Spa revenue and profitability

Published 13th Mar 2022 by PB Admin
WSW Insights: Smart strategies to generate Spa revenue and profitability

Mark Moloney, managing director of Professional Beauty Group and Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of World Wellness Weekend are joined with Hylton Lipkin, general manager, Alba Wellness by Fusion Resort for this insights session sharing the sustainable initiatives and strategies used at Alba Wellness.

 When discussing smart strategies to generate spa revenue and profitability, Hylton has said:

“I think we all know that green wellness or environmental wellness is a hot topic at the moment. And because our property is out in the nature and we have a lot of green around us, we definitely push towards doing more outdoor activities, hacking barking, tree hugging, breathing sessions in the forest. Actually, the start of this year, we planted 2000 trees. It was a world wellness weekend activity, reducing carbon footprint while absorbing carbon footprint, CO2.”

he also states, “It is extremely important from a marketing perspective for any property, anywhere in the world, if you can do more, sustainable or environmental wellbeing activities, you have that element and that edge in terms of marketing, which we see everywhere, everywhere on every advertising.”

 Hylton will be joining us at the World Spa & Wellness London Convention 2022 for a panel session discussing Smart strategies to generate Spa revenue and profitability

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 13th Mar 2022

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