Social savvy

Justin Musgrove, commercial director of the Bannatyne Group and one of the 2015 Professional Spa & Wellness Convention speakers, on maximising social media 

What made you interested in being on the Social Media panel at the convention? 
Social media is a modern and economical form of marketing, but does it work? There are many different platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Does your business cover all of them, in a valuable way, or have you plumped for your favourite – the one you feel has the greatest impact or return on investment? 

What will you be covering in your presentation? 
How we, as a health club, hotel and spa operator, approach social media. 

What would you like the audience to take away from this session? 
I would like to provoke thoughts on the growing reliance on social media, [the use of] which will almost inevitably become more refined and targeted in the future.

"I would like to see how the wellness industry can assist with the growing issues of obesity and diabetes"


Could you give an example of the positive impact of social media on business? 

Promoted content on users’ timelines has made advertising feel more organic and less intrusive.

What is the most important role the global spa and wellness industry can play at the moment? 
I would like to see how the wellness industry can assist with the growing issues of obesity and diabetes: working better with health providers and governments and attracting financial incentives to assist in tackling this epidemic

Why are events such as the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention important for the industry? 
To share best practice, drive innovation and help businesses succeed. 


Which topics would you like to see on the agenda at the 2016 convention? 

The integration of social media within health and fitness apps. 

Justin Musgrove is speaking as part of the Social Media session at 16.20 on Monday February 23. Click HERE for the full convention programme