Speaker in the Spotlight: Alex Rathbone

Name: Alex Rathbone

Career: Senior Instructor at The International Dermal Institute

Session: Are You Age Smart?

Date: Monday 14 October at 12pm


What’s the most important thing you can do for your skin to prevent ageing?

To have a regular regimen that is consistent and includes SPF daily.

At what age do we need to start using a skincare range designed specifically to target ageing?

Chronological ageing really kicks in at 30. But your Fitzpatrick skin type, lifestyle and sun exposure may accelerate signs and symptoms, making changes evident much earlier. Everyone is an individual. It is up to the Professional Skin Therapist to access the skin and make choices or recommendations based on the individual condition.

How do you know which products to use from the overwhelming choice available on the market today, with all of them proclaiming to be the next ‘miracle’ product?

There are no ‘miracle’ products. We all need a reality check if we still believe in stopping the clock. Skin care has advanced tremendously and there is some valid scientific data to support the use of specific ingredients. Many can boost and correct skin function, and reverse signs of ageing, but they will not stop the process. Selection really comes down to understanding what a skin needs so that you choose the right support. This is why Skin Therapists need to keep on top of their education. The market is moving at break neck speed.

What’s the hottest anti-ageing ingredient of the moment?

Peptides and Retinoids dominate the market because the clinical data which supports their use is overwhelming.

What will delegates gain from attending your session?

An insight into the science of ageing. Not just the chronological process and the biological impact of damaged collagen and elastin for example, but the biochemical changes that occur which result in damage to the collagen. To get results, product actions need to be focused rather than generalized.

We will look at specific ingredient groups or categories and how they relate to the issues experienced within each subsequent decade of the ageing process, at a biochemical level in the skin.

What discussions do you hope to provoke with your talk?

Professional credibility is not based on selling marketing hype; it should be based on sound science. I would hope that this talk makes skin therapists review what they really know and whether they are a real expert in skin and the ageing process, or slaves to clever marketing.

That sounds fantastic. Finally, what are you most looking forward to at the conference?

It is always great to meet fellow professionals who are interested in elevating the perception of the industry.

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