Speaker in the Spotlight: Connor Keppel

Session: Retention Marketing- why new clients are SO last season

When: Monday 24 February at 11.30am

Programme: The Business Skills Programme


What is the background of Phorest and what type of products do you offer?

Phorest is a software company that provides appointment and marketing software designed especially for and beauty salons and spas. We have clients in over 11 countries and just entered the USA this year. 

What differentiates Phorest over the competition?

Retention Marketing. We focus on helping salon owners get clients back more often, spending more. The average salon has had over 3,000 clients through its door yet only 17% are active clients. Our marketing tools and software in general empower you to work with the clients you have using SMS, email and social media in a way no other software does.  We also offer a TreatCard – this assigns points to clients for every £ they spend and rewards them only with services or products they’ve never had before increasing average spend.

In addition to marketing you can manage all of your appointments on iPhone and iPad and process sales on them too.  

What can visitors expect from your seminar at Professional Beauty London 2014?

Visitors will learn basic retention marketing techniques to get clients back more often, spending more using word-of-mouth; online; social media; loyalty and SMS.  Simple but practical takeaways that are actually achievable. 

Why should salon owners visit your stand at the show?

We talk to them one-to-one about how to grow their business and show them how our software can solve their challenges in growing.  We’re also happy to answer any questions in general such as ‘Would marketing my salon using daily deals, help us to grow our salon?’ Of course the answer to that is no, but you get the idea! We’re here to help. 

Also, we have a brand new shiny stand with our new acorn and Let’s Grow! Brand. It’ll be worth a visit, trust us. 

Are you having anything new on your stand at the show and will you have any special offers at the show?

Yes we have £1,000 pounds off and we also have a whole host of new apps for both the salon owner to manage appointments and clients to book through. 

Any other plans for the show?

Yes I’m speaking on a panel talk about ecommerce on the Sunday and the whole team is looking forward to meeting hundreds of salon owners over the weekend. 


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