Speaker in the Spotlight: Filippo Ongaro

Professional Beauty is excited to introduce Dr Filippo Ongaro to the seminar programme for 2014. We caught up with the former NASA scientist ahead of Professional Beauty London.

Session: "Science = Results"

Time: 14:00, Monday 24 February

Programme: UK Spa Association Seminar Programme


Filippo Ongaro, is this your 1st visit to Professional Beauty London?
Yes it is. My background is not aesthetic medicine so I am getting closer to this world now through my cooperation with Comfort Zone.
You have had a very varied and diverse career. How is it that you have come to work with Comfort Zone?
Comfort Zone is a major brand in its field, it’s Italian and has a keen interest in antiaging and holistic health so it was rather natural to join forces and try to develop together new approaches to improve health, vitality and beauty.
You have worked with the popular sports scientist Dr Francesco Conconi, for NASA, the European Space Agency and the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre.  How has this influenced your work with comfort Zone?
My interest has always been the expansion of health more than the elimination of disease. This is why i ended up working in very special fields such as space medicine. And it is through this experience that I got closer to antiaging medicine. My background has influenced every aspect of the work I am doing today as an antiaging physician. Also in regards to following a highly scientific approach to this topic.
What can visitors expect from your seminar at Professional Beauty London 2014?
To hear something interesting about how we can actually prevent many of the diseases of aging.
You are a firm advocate of an active lifestyle and healthy nutrition. Do these have direct effects on your skin?
Sure. In my opinion the health and beauty of the skin are a reflection of metabolic and hormonal balance. 
What would a food diary entry look like for a typical day in the life of Filippo Ongaro?
My food plan is influenced by the desire to maintain optimal health but also by the needs emerging from the pretty tough exercise plan I follow. I exercise more or less 90’ minutes per day with a lot of weight training and cardio. So my breakfast is pretty large like a couple of eggs, some whole grain oatmeal with vegetable milk and some fruit. At mid morning I will add more fruit and some nuts with a protein shake. At lunch I usually have steamed or raw vegetables, some meat or fish and a small portion of whole grain rice. Mid afternoon some nuts and a protein shake. And dinner will be a different version of the lunch. Before sleeping some more proteins. Plus I have a very complete food supplement regime with vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and phytonutrients.
Any other plans for the show?
I will try to explore as much as possible


You can book your ticket to Filippo Ongaro's seminar here. Tickets are £5 but Comfort Zone are sponsoring a 50% discount using code PB5002 if you prebook your seat at the seminar. You can also see Filippo on the Aesthetics Live Stage at 11:00 on Monday 24 February.