Speaker in the Spotlight: Kurt Won

Professional Beauty speaks to Kurt Won, Co-founder of SalesPartners UK and recently nominated for the Rising Star of the Year award at the South African Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2013, about what we can expect from his seminar and workshop at Professional Beauty North 2013. If you want to help give your salon the edge on the competition and build a team that can catapult you to excellence, Kurt's seminars are a must at Professional Beauty North.

Name: Kurt Won

Career: Co-founder of SalesPartners UK


·      “HOW TO…” build a championship team that produces maximum profit for your clinic or spa

·      Success Factors - Creating a Successful & Profitable Clinic/Spa

Date: 13 & 14 October 2013


Tell Professional Beauty a bit about yourself

I’m originally from South Africa with Chinese origins and I love sports, especially rugby and basketball. Despite my young age, my entrepreneurial ventures have given me many experiences in succeeding and failing in owning different businesses. These experiences, as well as the systematic processes we have at SalesPartners, have helped my clients to make massive breakthroughs in business.


What kind of businesses does SalesPartners UK work with?

We work with different sized businesses, predominantly SME’s and startups. Industries we’ve worked with range from medical clinics, hair salons, chiropractors, concierge services, property agents, technology companies and other business consulting services. When we work with larger corporations the focus is on sales and championship team training and executive coaching.


What is the secret behind building a championship team?

One of the secrets to building a championship team in any business is knowing how to create a very strong environment for your team members to thrive. One of the ways to do this is to have everyone on the team to really buy into the common mission of the business. When things are tough, it’s the mission and the passion to deliver on that mission that will keep the team performing under pressure situations. 


What topics will you be covering in your workshop and seminar?

Firstly, what I won’t be doing is boring you with 50 powerpoint slides. I can promise you that in both the workshop and seminar you will be engaged, re-energised and you’ll gain valuable insights and experiences into:


How will your workshop on Sunday differ from your seminar on the Monday?

The seminar on Monday is more for the salon/clinic/spa owners and managers than staff. And since I have less time, I won’t be doing any experiential exercises. You’ll learn about the 6 fundamentals that you need to build your business successfully, a formula to increase your revenues and profits substantially with small incremental changes and the 4 mindsets that you need to be aware of that influences how your staff operate.


What will delegates gain from attending your sessions?

You’ll be re-energised, you’ll learn things from a new perspective, you’ll apply what you’ve learnt and you will have fun.


What are you most looking forward to at the show?

I’m looking forward to having fun with the attendees and sharing as much as I can with them and meeting some awesome people!  

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