Speaker in the Spotlight: Sujata Jolly

Professional Beauty speaks to Sujata Jolly, medical director at Clinogen Laboratories, ahead of her seminar at Professional Beauty London 2014.

What is the background of Clinogen and what type of products do you offer?

Clinogen is a British family business which I established in 1979 and we specialise in cutting edge research and development in the aesthetic, beauty and healthcare sectors. My background is medical sciences and the first range that I developed was Oxypeel which I launched in 1982 for the treatment of acne, scarring, pigmentation and anti-ageing using oxygen delivery and biological exfoliation. My next project was advanced hair removal using sound energy where I developed Epil Sonic. With my background in R&D I dedicated a number of years to researching advanced wound healing and developed Youki, a dry wound system for both chronic wounds and post-cosmetic procedures.

What is your most popular product and what do you think makes it popular?

One of our newest products, Hair V Go is taking the industry by storm. The advanced treatment sector has recognised that laser and IPL isn’t suitable for treat vellus facial hair and Hair V Go is the perfect solution!

What differentiates Clinogen over the competition?

We are a British manufacturer, therefore as a clinician or therapist you have the reassurance that you can easily speak to the company behind the products. We are very focused on ensuring that practitioners are trained properly and I feel that the clinic or salon environment is not always ideal. We have a dedicated training centre in Windsor where we run courses for small groups with the emphasis on learning about the range, not only from a product perspective but also the clients’ point of view. We talk you through how to position the range within your business, help with promotion and, most importantly, explain the profitability of taking on a new range from us.

What can visitors expect from your talk at Professional Beauty London 2014?

I will be speaking about the limitations of light-based hair removal systems and how clinics can use alternative methods to treat vellus hair as well as lighter hair colours and darker skin tones. I have developed Epil Sonic which is brilliant for treating white, grey, red and blonde hair and uses pain-free sound energy. For vellus hair, Hair V Go uses a high pH formulation and complete programme for the reduction of peach-fuzz.

Why should salon owners visit your stand at the show?

Salon owners can come and see us to find out how we can complement their existing business and help them to add a new brand. As manufacturers, we can fully explain how things work scientifically not just from a sales perspective. Our products are extremely cost effective with margins of 70 – 90% per session. It is essential that salon owners understand the profitability of a range. We make this clear by providing a Key Facts document showing treatment cost, profitability, payback time.

Are you having anything new on your stand at the show and will you have any special offers at the show?

We have an exclusive show offer on Epil Sonic. This hair removal system enables clinics to treat all hair colours and all skin tones. Purchasers will get the Hair V Go start-up kit worth over £650 free so that they have a total hair removal solution.


See Sujata's seminar; "How to resolve the limitations of light- based systems in advanced hair removal" at 14:15 on Monday 24 February in the Advanced Treatments seminar programme at Professional Beauty London 2014. Book Sujata's seminar here.