Strong interest but low usage defines US market for skincare devices

Image: Littlewoods

Interest in skincare devices among US women is high, but actual usage is low, according to a recent report from market analysts Mintel. 

36% of female US consumers express an interest in skin massagers, while 34% are interested in using sonic cleansing brushes and 33% in trying rotating cleansing brushes. 20% of US women have actually used a sonic cleansing brush, though only 13% has used one in the past year. 

Figures for other skincare devices are considerably lower. Only 6% of consumers have used a laser device and 4% an airbrush makeup applicator in the past year. Younger women are the most likely to use skincare devices, with usage the highest in the 18-24 age group. 

Money is also a factor. Consumers report that the cost of devices is one of the key obstacles to using them, while high earners are more likely to purchase the products. A higher than average use of skincare devices was found among those earning US$75,000 (£48,000) or above. 

Shannon Romanowski, senior beauty and personal care Analyst at Mintel, said: "The skincare device market is relatively new, and while growing, faces some challenges including a high proportion of women that express little interest in trying devices and lapsed users. A combination of low awareness and high price tags is likely driving this lack of interest."

The prime reason for purchasing a skincare device is having “tried the product out and liked the result,” a factor which motivated 36% of consumers. This was closely followed by “being impressed with the product result on someone you know,” a key driver for 30%. 

Advancing technology and strong benefits claims will be important trends for skincare devices going forward, Mintel predicts. Romanowski said: 

“The latest innovations in skincare devices include mobile apps, smart devices and wearable technology, including cleansing brushes with a microchip that adjusts speed and cleansing time based on the user’s skin needs and an iPhone-connected device that uses transdermal skin imaging to develop a customised skincare routine.”