Tailored wellness packages could mark major growth area for spas

Personalised wellness, nutrition and meditation look set to be the trends shaping the spa industry in 2014, according to specialist travel company Health and Fitness Travel.

According to the company, the spa industry is seeing an increased demand for wellness programmes tailored to clients’ specific needs, and spas able to offer bespoke packages will be well placed in the coming year.

Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel said, “More clients want personalised well-being programmes and spas will need to adapt to tailor-making for individual client needs much more.”

Spas will also placing an increased focus on nutrition, with more operators taking an inside-out approach to wellness by introducing diet and detox programmes. Mental restoration and meditation will also play a role in shaping the sector next year, as clients are becoming more aware of the health and wellness benefits of a relaxed mind.

Health and Fitness Travel also believes that clients are now moving away from bargain hunting and are looking for a return on their investment in spa, and are willing to pay for wellness experiences that yield measurable health benefits.

Other trends that the company believes will impact the market include family spas and new fitness crazes in spas.

“Wellness travel is poised for great growth and the sector will see a significant surge in the coming years as an increasing number of us adopt a wellness lifestyle, and spas will need to be on trend and deliver what the clients are wanting,” said Joseph.

“With ageing baby boomers looking to extend their years of good health, medical spas will continue to develop also.”