Tans and brow treatments named keys to confidence

Looking confident is the number one beauty goal for British women, with spray tans and brow treatments named the top ways to achieve it, according to new research.

The majority of British women said they wanted their beauty regime to make them appear confident, with 65% of the 1,000 polled by shopping channel QVC for its June Beauty Month saying this was a top objective.

The next most popular trait women wanted to convey in their appearance was femininity (52%) followed by glamour (33%), sexiness (26%) and sophistication (13%).

Looking intelligent was a priority for 12% and appearing youthful was important to just 3%.

Some 37% of women said make-up and had a major effect on their confidence with tanned skin (36%) cited as the ultimate confidence boosting treatment, closely followed by a defined eyebrow (26%), rosy cheeks (17%) and red lips (14%).

The poll also found that the beauty icon that best represents the look of confidence women desire is Jessie J (64%), who is recognised for a strong make-up look with bright lips, colourful eyes and rosy blush.

However, 77% of Brits admitted they didn’t have the courage to showcase such a look and instead opted for a natural appearance like Kate Middleton, whose look 46% of Brits try to replicate.

Confidence is also a priority for the opposite sex, with 69% of men voting a “confident woman” as being most attractive to them.