The spa at Seaham Hall introduce Ishga treatments

Seaweed-based skincare brand Ishga has partnered with the spa at the Seaham Hall hotel in Durham. 

The partnership, which launched on March 1, sees the spa offer six treatments by the natural British brand.  

Centred on Ayurvedic principles, the treatments are divided into three categories, based on the different doshas or body types that exist in Ayurveda. All three options incorporate a massage with a salt scrub, and a facial. 

For those with a Kapha dosha, said to be characterised by a heavier build and slower metabolism and a preference for warm but dry climates, the treatments have been designed to be invigorating and incorporate the use of hot poultices. 

For clients with a Pitta dosha, said to have a strong build, an often overactive mind and an affinity for colder temperatures, the treatments aim to calm and relax and involve cold stones applied to the back. 

The treatments for spa-goers with a Vata dosha, considered to typically be of a slight build, be overactive and like hot and humid climates, the treatments focus on being soothing and refreshing and include the use of hot stones. 

Seaham Hall spa director Davina Hassell said: “I am delighted to have taken the experiences I have gathered from working in India and had the opportunity to blend these with the Ishga treatments, creating a real Indian twist.”