The ten tanning commandments, by Sunjunkie

Tanning brand Sunjunkie gives Professional Beauty readers 10 tips to help you achieve a gorgeous tanning result, for you and your clients.

1. If you’re a tanning junkie, make sure you exfoliate regularly to avoid build up as several layers of tan can result in an uneven skin.

2. If you’re waxing or shaving before tanning, make sure you do it more than 24 hours before your tan.

3 The most common cause of a patchy tan is dry skin, so it’s crucial to moisturise problem areas (wrists and hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet) immediately prior to self tan application.

4. Keep palms tan-free – try using latex gloves or our applicator mitt when applying, then simply sweep the backs of the hands with a small amount of self tan.

5. When you’re applying your tan, make sure you’re covered all over. Don’t worry if you go over the same area twice – the tan will only be patchy if you miss a bit, not if you double up.

6. Make sure you don’t over rub your self tan. Gentle smoothing is all you need, then you can let the product do its work.

7. Try to avoid contact with water for as long as possible in the development time – a minimum of 2 hours.

8. For a deeper tan you should re-apply on successive days – 2 – 3 days in a row will give you a really deep, rich bronze tan.

9. When you’ve applied your tan wear loose, dark clothing and avoid tight-fitting underwear and clothes. Anything that’s pressing on the skin may make the results a bit patchy.

10. The hands and face will fade quicker than the rest of the body so you will need to reapply more regularly on these areas. Sunjunkie’s gradual tanning mousse is perfect for topping up the face and hands.

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