Therapist convicted for illegal teeth whitening in spite of training

The legislation surrounding teeth whitening has once again come under the spotlight, following the prosecution of a Lancaster-based therapist for illegally carrying out the treatment.

Hayley Wilding, who was recently fined almost £3,500 for illegally whitening teeth, told the Lancaster Guardian said she has been made to “feel like a criminal”, despite attending training allowing her to carry out the treatments.

Wilding told the newspaper that she felt confused about the charges brought against her and that she had been assured that the training she completed would allow her to offer teeth whitening legally, providing she used non-peroxide products.

Debra Robson, owner of teeth whitening brand LoveLite, has warned salon owners about the importance of keeping up to date with legislation on teeth whitening.

Robson told Professional Beauty that salon owners should be thorough in ensuring therapists are sufficiently trained in the procedure. She explains, “Legal requirements for cosmetic teeth whitening state that as long as the whitening product falls beneath 0.1% hydrogen peroxide then it is classified for cosmetic use.

“Any bleaching product up to 6% must only be applied by a Dental professional. If other professionals choose to use these percentages, they will leave themselves liable to prosecution.”